State Duma Adopts ‘Sovereign Internet’ Bill

UrBC, Moscow, April 17, 2019. The State Duma adopted the so-called ‘Sovereign Internet’ bill in the third and final reading this week, the Russian Parliament’s lower chamber’s website states.

It is reported that a national Internet traffic routing system will get set up to ensure unfailing performance of the Russian segment of the web throughout emergencies or deliberate external cyberattacks.

According to the website statement, government bodies, local governments, state unitary enterprises, municipal unitary enterprises, and state-run/town council-run organizations will now be responsible for providing electronic communication channels for private users and organizations/businesses in such a format that meets the Russian Federation’s national crypto-security standards. The standards themselves are set out in the Standardization in the Russian Federation Act 162 FZ.

Roskomnadzor will be in charge of coordinating all the Internet safety procedures in the country. The Internet service providers will have to make sure web traffic can get controlled centrally by the state in case of a cyberattack. The ISPs will also have to introduce appliances that can identify the source of traffic and data. The infrastructure in question is meant to enable the Russian segment of the web to run trouble-free even if Russian ISPs are unable to connect to international root servers.

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