Russia’s Prosecution Authorities Set Up Environmental Protection Unit

UrBC, Moscow, April 3, 2019. A new department to control compliance with the environmental legislation was set up within the Central Administration For Surveillance Over Compliance With Federal Law by the order of Russia’s Prosecutor-General, the authority’s press service reports.

There are two subdivisions within the new department: one of them will be in charge of controlling compliance with the environmental protection legislation and laws to protect the Arctic; the other one will be responsible for controlling compliance with the laws on protection and use of mineral resources.

The department is meant to ensure better procuratorial supervision of the environmental legislation and of the citizens’ right to live in the salubrious environment. For one, the department will take a number of steps to deal will illegal logging, air and water pollution, and abuse of animal/water/fossil resources. The department will also ensure procuratorial supervision of production and consumer waste treatment, environmental impact audits, and conservation of the Russian Arctic, the Baikal, the Far East, and the Volga Basin.

The department will control the federal executive bodies, the federal government surveillance bodies and their officials, and the governing bodies and heads of for-profit and non-profit organizations.

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