Sverdlovsk Region: Waste Disposal Gets 2 Times More Expensive

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 25, 2019. According to Rosstat, the price of garbage pick-up and waste disposal rose by 2.5 times on Sverdlovsk Region market this year. Prices also went up by 1.3 times in Chelyabinsk Region and by 1.1 times in Tyumen Region, the Central Bank of Russia’s Ural division’s press service reports.

The annual inflation rate was estimated at 4.7% in Sverdlovsk Region in January 2019; in Chelyabinsk Region, Tyumen Region (including its autonomous regions), and Kurgan Region, the figures were, respectively, 4.1%, 2.8%, and 5%. According to the Central Bank, increased utility bills (which, in its turn, had been brought about by the VAT increase and the waste disposal reform) were the primary factors affecting the inflation rate.

The bank says the inflation rate has been rising faster now mainly due to factors that are temporary in nature, so, as their impact gradually wears out, the annual price increase will slow down as soon as the second half of 2019. The inflation rate is thus expected to spring back to around 4% in the first half of 2020.

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