Russian Government Adopts Anti-Bribe Literacy Course for Schools

1 February 2019 (14:36)

UrBC, Moscow, February 1, 2019. The Russian Government adopted an anti-bribe literacy course for schools as part of this year’s National Anti-Bribe Plan. The course program is available on the legal information portal starting January 31.

The full program concept is to be designed by the Education & Science Ministry and the Ministry of Enlightenment in the second quarter of 2019. They will also have to come up with a list of films educating the public about the perils of bribe-giving and bribe-taking; the list will get uploaded onto the Russian Electronic School Portal.

Additionally, the Ministry of Enlightenment will have to design sample school course programs for Law in the third quarter of the year. The program will have to cover a number of open-to-all classes and information sessions co-conducted by law-enforcement officers, as well as materials meant for the students’ parents. Plus, a special new category will get introduced for the All-Russian Essay Contest.

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