Russia’s Tour Operators Association: Number of Travel Agents to Go Down

UrBC, Moscow, December 26, 2018. There will be significantly fewer tour operators and travel agents on the Russian market next year as a result of the natural selection process that took off five years ago, Interfax refers to Russia’s Tour Operators Association’s (ATOR) Executive Director Maya Lomidze as stating.

‘The year 2019 will be the one of structural change. The number of key market players will decrease greatly, both in the tour operators’ segment and the travel agents’ one. The natural selection that began in 2014 will reach its peak next year and will change the market for good. This is a tectonic trend,’ Lomidze said.

According to Lomidze, thousands of tour operators went into liquidation in the last few years, and in most of the cases, this had no effect on the customers whatsoever.

‘Neither a bankruptcy nor leaving the market is a crime. This is a normal thing to happen in any business sector. The thing is, it is unclear just how the travelers, a particular travel business’s customers are going to feel. This is why we have great hope in the Economic Development Ministry which is expected to focus on improving the current legislation in the field,’ Lomidze added.

‘I don’t see why any scandal would break out right now, let’s wait till April and see what happens,’ ATOR’s Executive Director stressed.

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