MMK Presents Environmental Projects at Conference in Magnitogorsk

20 December 2018 (09:24)

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, December 20, 2018. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) Director for Job Safety, Industrial Safety & the Environment Grigory Shchurov spoke about MMK’s important environmental projects at a recent conference dedicated to environmental rehabilitation of the Ural River, the plant’s press service reports.

Shchurov presented a report on Environmental Problems of Enterprises Affecting the Ural River/Environmental Projects & MMK’s Water Utilization System’s Problems and Potential. He said a large-scale water conservation project got completed in November; MMK directed around RUB 650m to the purpose.

‘What we did was upgrading the plant’s water recycling system and expanding the cooling tank. This is one of our most important initiatives in terms of protecting the waters of Magnitogorsk Reservoir and the Ural River. Putting up a special dam and flow-through fixtures between Cossack Crossing and Southern Crossing at Magnitogorsk Reservoir and switching our power station and Oxygen Station 4 to the water recycling system were the key components of the reconstruction project. This means we protected Magnitogorsk Reservoir from getting contaminated with MMK’s manufacturing water as much as is only possible,’ the plant’s press service explains.

As a result, the amount of manufacturing water getting dumped in Magnitogorsk Reservoir is now down by eleven times and the amount of pollutants by seven times. According to Shchurov, MMK is not dumping anything directly into the Ural River at the moment. The only time some dumping might occur would be during the snow-melting/high water season, which has become quite rare in the recent years.

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