Finance Ministry to Buy 475.7bn Worth of USD

UrBC, Moscow, October 5, 2018. Russia’s Finance Ministry has RUR 475.5bn allocated for purchasing foreign currency between October 5 and November 7, the ministry reports.

‘The overall amount of money directed to foreign currency purchases comes to RUR 475.7bn. The purchasing transactions will take place on October 5-November 7, 2018, which means the daily spending will come to RUR 20.7bn,’ the Finance Ministry says.

In the meantime, the national budget is expected to get RUR 479.7bn in extra O&G revenues in October 2018, as the actual oil prices are currently higher than predicted.

Now the overall discrepancy between the actual oil and gas revenues in September/the estimates for last month and the baseline minimum set for one month’s amount reached -RUR4bn, the ministry says.

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