Ural Airlines Offer Subsidized Far East Flights

4 September 2018 (09:57)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, September 4, 2018. Ural Airlines are now offering their customers an opportunity to fly to and from the Far East using their state-subsidized plane tickets, the air carrier’s press service reports.

Reduced-price tickets are available for the following flights:

Blagoveshchensk-Moscow-Blagoveshchensk/Moscow-Blagoveshchensk-Moscow (prices start from RUR 6,400);
Blagoveshchensk-Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg-Blagoveshchensk (RUR 6,500);
Blagoveshchensk-Sochi/Sochi-Blagoveshchensk (RUR 9,500);
Blagoveshchensk-Simferopol/Simferopol-Blagoveshchensk (RUR 9,800);
Vladivostok-Yekaterinburg/Yekaterinburg-Vladivostok (RUR 6,400);
Vladivostok-Novosibirsk/Novosibirsk-Vladivostok (RUR 5,900);
Vladivostok-Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg-Vladivostok (RUR 7,500);
Irkutsk-Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg-Irkutsk (RUR 6,300);
Khabarovsk-Yekaterinburg/Yekaterinburg-Khabarovsk (RUR 6,200);
Khabarovsk-Novosibirsk/Novosibirsk-Khabarovsk (RUR 5,700);
Khabarovsk-Saint Petersburg/Saint Petersburg-Khabarovsk (RUR 7,300);
Chita-Yekaterinburg/Yekaterinburg-Chita (RUR 5,000);
Chita-Moscow/Moscow-Chita (RUR 6,200);
The flights will be operated through December 1, 2018.

Eligible for the subsidized plane tickets are Russian nationals under 23, women over 55, men over 60, people with Group I disabilities and those accompanying them on their flight, and people with Group II and III life-long disabilities and people accompanying them on their flight.

You can buy the tickets at any booking office as long as you provide the papers to confirm your age and or/disability criteria.

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