HSE, MGIMO Ask Russian Government to Reintroduce Student Loans

UrBC, Moscow, August 3, 2018. Rectors of Higher School of Economics and Moscow State Institute of International Relations (MGIMO) Yaroslav Kuzminov and Anatoly Torkunov intend to appeal to Russia’s Vice Premier Tatiana Golikova, who is in charge of all the social issues, asking to have the student loan system reintroduced. The plan was announced during a recent press conference on the results of this year’s college enrollment campaign, RIA Novosti reports.

‘Our tuition fees come to quite a bit, so we need some intermediary mechanisms for this. Ideally, these mechanisms should be provided by the state. Our goal is to inform the government that it would be expedient to offer subsidies to those with very good academic scores, so that there’s the preferential-terms student loan option available,’ Kuzminov said.

There are no student loan programs in Russia any more, even though the system works throughout the world and would make sense in terms of supporting higher education within the country, Torkunov said.

‘Quite sadly, we lost this option to red tape. I believe, however, we can appeal to Tatiana Golikova in this respect, and I feel quite confident a solution will be found next year,’ MGIMO University’s Rector said.

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