Russia To Store Users’ Data for 6 Months

2 July 2018 (09:36)

UrBC, Moscow, July 2, 2018. The Russian Government adopted a decree making it obligatory for all the Internet service providers and media transmitting services to store their users’ data for six months beginning from July 1, 2018. The decree is now available on the official legal information portal.

The new legislature is part of the anti-terrorist package adopted on July 2018. According to the Cabinet’s decree, ISPs now must store their users’ personal data provided for various online services as well as voice messages, texts, images, and audio and video files for six months.

Starting October 1, 2018, ISPs and mobile carriers will have to store their users’ voice call recordings for three years.

Now ISPs and mobile carriers announced earlier they would have to adjust their pricing policies to offset the expenses occasioned by the need to buy extra storage space and equipment.

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