Price of Winter Travel To Go Up 10%

26 June 2018 (11:43)

UrBC, Moscow, June 26, 2018. The ongoing increase in fuel prices on the Russian market has not affected the price of summer travel as yet, but winter trips are bound to grow at least 10% more expensive when the time comes, RIA Novosti refers to Counselor to Head of Rostourism Dmitri Gorin as stating.

Russian Fuel Union (RTS) appealed to Russian Prime Minister Dmitri Medvedev in a letter, asking to ensure fair prices on the retail and wholesale fuel markets.

The union believes this increase in the price of automobile and diesel fuel is unprecedented. RTS commented unfavorably on the regulatory authorities’ reaction to the unfolding of events and warned about the possible effects.

‘The fuel grows ever more expensive, which will affect the price of travel. This does not, however, concern the tourists who’ve paid for their booked tours already. Moreover, most tour operators are taking this financial burden upon themselves for the time being,’ it was said.

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