Finance Ministry: ˆ100 Limit on Duty-Free Shopping

UrBC, Moscow, June 22, 2018. Russia’s Finance Ministry suggests bringing the duty-free limit on online shopping at international stores down to ˆ100, TASS refers to the ministry’s Tax & Customs Policy Director Alexei Sazanov as saying.

‘We are looking into different schemes, the most likely scenario being a ˆ500 limit starting July 1 and a ˆ200 limit starting either January 1, 2019 or July 1, 2019. A ˆ100 limit per parcel is also a possibility,’ the official said.

According to Sazanov, a duty will get imposed on goods worth over ˆ500 on July 1, 2018; starting from January 1, 2019, the limit will go down to ˆ200. The current duty-free limit stands at ˆ1,000 a month.

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