MegaFon, Uralets to Work Together

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 8, 2018. The telecommunications provider MegaFon and Uralets, one of Yekaterinburg’s largest clubs, agreed to work together, the former’s press service reports.

‘Uralets uses up nearly 10,000 minutes of voice calls and 70 Gb of traffic and sends out 1,400 texts every month. In the last six months, the club has hosted concerts by Yolka, Yegor Krid, Max Barskikh, Bi 2, and Leningrad, all of whom bring around 6,000 fans to the place. MegaFon had to rely on 4G Harley, a base station connected to a high-speed line, to ensure instantaneous upload of photos and videos within the network and enable online delivery of texts and messages at such large-scale events,’ the press service says.

To improve its high-speed data transfer service in the area, the company both expanded its network capacity in Bolshakov St and installed 4G Harley on the club’s premises. This makes it possible to coordinate live broadcasts at 4G speeds on the 30,000-square-meter site.

Uralets is one of Yekaterinburg’s most famous locations that hosts MegaFon-supported concerts and sports events every month.

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