Shlakservis Makes 1.17m tons of Metal Particles for MMK

UrBC, Magnitogorsk, February 28, 2018. MMK Group’s Shlakservis made 1.17m tons of metal-containing particles for Magnitogorsk Iron & Still Works (MMK), the Group’s Information, PR & Advertising Department reports.

This production output of 2017 outstrips everything the plant has produced on an annual scale so far.

The magnet particles get extracted from the byproducts supplied by the blast furnace, electric steel-smelting, and converter departments; Shlakservis supplies MMK with a ferrous stuff that brings down the cost of metallurgical production considerably, helps cut the plant’s spending on the more expensive iron ore stuffs, and reduces prime costs. In addition to the byproducts resulting from the plant’s current activity, the company also recycled plenty of old slag material from the older slag heaps with low iron content.

‘Additionally, Shlakservis and MMK Science & Technology Center worked together to reduce the iron content in the 0-10 mm particles from 55% to 45% and therefore to make more of them as well as reduce the iron content in the remaining slag that will later be used for reclamation purposes. The savings thus obtained are estimated at RUR 129.4m,’ the company says.

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