TMK CHERMET Gets Audited

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, January 17, 2018. Sinara Group’s TMK CHERMET successfully underwent a qualification audit procedure and is now a certified independent ferrous scrap metal supplier for Pipe Metallurgical Company (TMK) member enterprises, Sinara Group’s PR Center reports.

The audit was carried out by the Russian Research Institute of the Tube & Pipe Industries (RosNITI). Following the results of the procedure, TMK CHERMET was included in the register of TMK approved suppliers.

‘The qualification certificate is valid for the next three years. The raw metal stuffs our company supplies meet all the hi tech pipe manufacturing requirements. We intend to keep improving our business processes so as to offer increasingly better quality scrap metal supply services. For one, more than RUR 300m will be allocated for investment projects this year. The money will be spent on setting up new scrap metal sites and upgrading existing ones, renovating our fleet of vehicles, and taking steps to comply with the license requirements and environmental standards,’ says TMK CHERMET Director-General Fagim Valeyev.

TMK CHERMET has been buying and selling ferrous scrap metal since 2000. The company’s share of the Russian scrap metal market currently comes to 9%. Its daughter enterprises deal in collection, processing, and sales of scrap metal using their current licenses. The daughter enterprises’ scrap metal sites are used for sorting, flame cutting, pressing, and shearing of scrap metal.

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