City Council to Consider Reconstruction of FSS Building

26 June 2017 (13:37)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, June 26, 2017. Yekaterinburg City Council’s Architecture & Urban Planning Committee will consider the options for reconstructing the set of buildings that currently house Russia’s Federal Security Service’s Sverdlovsk Region’s division once again on July 6. The announcement was made via the city council’s website.

The reconstruction options will be presented by OOO Nartex.

The original idea was to put up a new building in Mashinnaya St. It was then decided to keep the building in place (4 Vainer St) but to have it undergo a major reconstruction to meet today’s needs.

The concept was first presented to the city council committee on June 1 but had to undergo further adjustments. Experts did not agree either to the idea of pulling the original building in Vainer St down or to the proposed color scheme. Besides, the proposed design did not seem to fit the architectural style of Yekaterinburg’s central quarters.

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