EVRAZ NTMK Gets New Equipment

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, March 24, 2017. Up-to-date hose-filter suction units were recently installed at the vanadium slag fine grinding department of EVRAZ Holding’s Nizhniy Tagil Integrated Metallurgical Works (NTMK), EVRAZ Holding Ural’s press office reports.

‘The new equipment ensures zero environmental impact and an improvement in working conditions. 229 Russian filters were installed to avoid any release of production dust into the air. The entire amount of trapped dust (over 40,000 kg a day) — goes back to the production line and is used for making the end product,’ the press office says.

The vanadium slag fine grinding department is a totally new production site that was launched at NTMK last year. The department makes vanadium slag (particle size: up to 0.16 mm) that metallurgical companies need to make vanadium oxide and ferrovanadium oxide. The equipment set comprises forty-two Russian-made units and a powerful suction system that prevents release of any harmful substances into the air.

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