Ural Airlines Resume Flying to Europe’s Resorts

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, April 29, 2016. Ural Airline makes its flights to Larnaca, Heraklion, Rimini, and Tivat available again, the air carrier’s press service reports.

Yekaterinburg-Larnaca flights will be operated every Wednesday and Sunday starting from April 27 and also on Fridays starting from May 27; Yekaterinburg-Heraklion flights will be operated on Thursdays starting from April 28 and also on Tuesdays and Sundays starting on May 29; Yekaterinburg-Rimini and Yekaterinburg-Tivat flights will be operated every Saturday starting from May 28.

‘The best time of the year for a holiday at the seaside is coming. This is the time one wants to have a great vacation with not a care in the world, enjoying the gorgeous climate and the spotless beaches and having a good time. The Mediterranean and the Adriatic Seas, the friendly smiling locals, the delicious cuisine, and Europe’s endless landmarks are all very welcoming,’ the air carrier says.

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