Russian banks report 100,000 dubious transactions in 2015

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, February 15, 2016. Russian banks reported 100,000 suspicious financial transactions (totaling to 184bnRUR) to authorities last year, Prime refers to Deputy Head of Rosfinmonitoring Galina Bobrysheva as stating.

Now it is the Central Bank’s requirement that banks must report all of their customers’ suspicious-looking transactions to Rosfinmonitoring.

‘There were some 100,000 such cases last year, with the total amount of money transferred from closing accounts coming to nearly 184bn RUR. We should be thankful to the banking sector for detecting unusual customer activity,’ Bobrysheva said at the annual meeting of Russian bankers with the Central Bank management.

She said the Russian financial sector was still partially non-transparent, as not all banks complied with the reporting requirements. The dubious financial transactions in question had to do with fraud, selling of drugs, and tax evasion.

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