Yekaterinburg: Gas sold for 34.42 RUR

18 January 2016 (11:53)

January 18, 2016. The price of gasoline came to 34.42 RUR per liter in Yekaterinburg in the first ten days of January, Rosstat reports.

AI 92 is available for 33.42 RUR per liter, AI 95 for 35.76 RUR, and diesel fuel for 36.34 RUR.

In fact, prices went down in thirty-five Russian federal constituencies between January 4 and January 10; the decrease was most pronounced in Kyzyl (-2.3%) and Ulan Ude (-1.1%).

At the same time, gas prices also went up in Yaroslavl (+1.3%), Veliky Novgorod (+0.1%), and Nizhniy Novgorod (+0.1%).

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