Sverdlovsk Region’s financial organizations pay 30% less in tax

19 October 2015 (09:28)

UrBC, Yekaterinburg, October 19, 2015. Sverdlovsk Region received 180bn RUR in corporate income tax for January-September 2015; this is 7.2% (12bn RUR) more than a year earlier, the local division of Russia’s Federal Tax Service reports.

85.8% of the total amount came from the processing industries, production and distribution of water, natural gas, and electric power sector, the building industry, retail and wholesale trade, transportation and communication, the real estate sector (including the rental market), the tertiary sector, and the financial sector.

Compared with January-September 2014, the processing industries paid 19.7% (9.87bn RUR) more in tax; this figure includes a 1.3 times increase in the amount paid by metallurgical enterprises, whose overall tax payments rose by 5.489bn RUR. Shipbuilding, aircraft-making, and other vehicle-manufacturing enterprises paid 3.7 times more taxes than last year, the overall amount rising by 2.997bn RUR.

The retail and wholesale trade sector paid 13% (3.775bn RUR) more in tax, the transportation and communication sector paid 13.9% (1.398bn RUR) more, and the real estate sector paid 4.2% (967m RUR) more in the nine months of the year compared with a year earlier.

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