ChTPZ team wins medals at WorldSkills

May 26, 2015. Students of ChTPZ Group Training Center won a full set of prize medals at the 3d All-Russian WorldSkills 2015 championship, the Groupís press service reports.

Gold in Mechatronics went to fourth-year students of Pervouralsk Metallurgical School on the Groupís Future of White Metallurgy Corporate Training Program Ilya Ivanov and Alexander Pauls. Nikolay Vinogradov, the schoolís second-year student, won the silver medal in Industrial Automation, while the corporate programís alumnus and employee of ChTPZ Groupís Pervouralsk New Pipe Plant Anton Shalakhov got the bronze one in Welding Technologies.

ĎThe many medals won by alumni of and students on ChTPZ Groupís Future of White Metallurgy program prove once again that our training center is the best place for dual education of highly skilled vocational cadre,í says the Groupís Chairman of the BOD Alexander Fedorov.

All in all, over 500 contestants from forty-six Russian constituencies and from abroad took part in the final stage of the championship. There were more than 600 experts on the judgesí panel. Sverdlovsk Regionís team won the second prize in the team overall score.

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