NRA confirms UBRD rating at AA

April 24, 2015. The National Rating Agency confirmed the Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development’s national rating at AA, their press service reports.

The agency stressed the bank’s prominence on local markets, successful implementation of a chosen strategy, unfailing financial performance, and a conservative approach to risk assessment.

The bank is believed to take counter-cycling measures quickly when necessary, which means the company can both react to changing macroeconomic factors and maintain a good asset and liabilities ratio as well as remain solvent and make sure its working assets yield a stable inflow of operating income.

‘The UBRD has a great quality loan book, with under 10% of nominal claims amount subject to devaluation. The bank’s liabilities are thoroughly diversified in terms of both deadlines and financial instruments. Private customers’ deposits amount to the impressive 93.7bn RUR (up 20% in 2014 against a year earlier). Corporates’ deposits amount to 30bn RUR, or 12.7% of the bank’s liabilities, but this figure has been increasing as well,’ the agency’s experts explain.

The bank also borrows actively on the interbank lending market: these loans amount to 52.2bn RUR, or 22% of its liabilities (including 34.9bn RUR worth of repo transactions). Russia’s Central Bank remains the primary contractor behind providing liquidity for the repo transactions.

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