Reftinskaya Power Station responsible for 33% of harmful emissions in Sverdlovsk Region

April 23, 2015. Refinskaya Power Station (a member enterprise of Enel Group) is responsible for one-third of the overall environmental pollution caused by Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises, Interregional Environmental Prosecutor Larissa Larina said in her interview to UrBC.

‘Companies in the energy sector are the primary pollution agents in our area, and Reftinskaya Power Station is the biggest problem. The station still produces 33% of all the harmful emissions in Sverdlovsk Region. A scheduled inspection was carried out there last year, with Rospotrebnadzor checking its compliance with all the environmental legal norms, including air protection. The agency now supervises the process of how all the detected problems are being dealt with,’ Larina said.

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