Homes grow cheaper in downtown Yekaterinburg

April 16, 2015. Supply on Yekaterinburg existing homes market keeps rising: the number of apartments added to Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s database has been growing by 3% a week for the last one and a half months, the Chamber’s Analytical Department states.

The number of apartments available for purchase went up to 9,850 (+26%) since February; that of rooms in communal apartments went up to 1,440 (+20%).

‘In contrast to sellers, buyers haven’t been very active so far this year. The demand dropped noticeably after the end-of-year frenzy. This couldn’t help affecting the prices, which have been declining for the last two months,’ the Chamber’s analysts explain.

The average price of a Yekaterinburg-based home decreased by 1%. As of April 6, 2015, 1 square meter of an existing home cost 75,881 RUR.

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