Lepse renovates foundry facility

April 16, 2015. Lepse (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) reopened its reconstructed foundry facility. Repairs took about three months, the corporation’s press service reports.

An overhaul was given to all the pressing, polishing, etching, and galvanizing facilities as well as to all the storage facilities for poisonous chemicals, fittings, and precious metals. Besides, a polishing unit was bought to increase the precision and improve the quality of silver-coating operations. The modern unit traps all the silver dust particles and thus allows for zero loss of the precious metal. Additionally, all the old furniture has been replaced and all the heating facilities were insulated to prevent heat loss.

‘The heating pipes have been painted in different colors depending on their functions. The coating is only about 1mm wide, but traps the heat perfectly,’ says the plant’s Chief Engineer Boris Cheglakov.

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