Yekaterinburg advertising market drops 7% to 10%

23 March 2015 (16:52)

March 21, 2015. Yekaterinburg advertising market dropped by 7% to 10% last year compared with 2013, Deltaplan Ad Group’s PR Director Lyudmila Chernykh told UrBC.

‘On average, advertising budgets in the three measurable mass media (television, radio, and outdoor advertising) shrank by 16% in 2014 against a year earlier. These figures do not give a picture of Internet ads, whose amount definitely increased, or that of the printed press ads, whose amount definitely decreased. Based on Deltaplan’s estimates, Yekaterinburg market, with all the non-measurable segments considered, sagged by 7% to 10% last year,’ she said.

Chernykh also noted that, according to TNS, local television channels suffered the most, as their ad segment plummeted by 20%. It was exactly this market sector which lost more accounts than any other: 14% of businesses stopped buying advertising time from Yekaterinburg local channels, while 0.8% of companies stopped buying radio time. On the other hand, the number of accounts in outdoor advertising rose by 8%.

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