Arrears of wages increase by 14% in February

March 20, 2015. According to the Russian Labor Ministry, arrears of wages increased by 14% last month. This had to do with businesses lacking the money and with delayed transfers from all kinds of government budget funds, reports.

Minister Alexander Topilin says the owed amount came to nearly 2.9bn RUR on March 1.

According to Rosstat, the overall amount of delayed pay fluctuated between 1.9bn RUR (January 2014) and 2.7bn RUR (June 2014) over the last twelve months. The sum went down to 2bn RUR in January 2015 and then sky-rocketed to nearly 3bn RUR.

Debts caused by delayed transfers from government budget funds rose considerably in March and came to 98m RUR; this figure exceeds the one for early February by 2.7 times.

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