MMK to retain current production output

February 13, 2015. Magnitogorsk Iron & Steel Works (MMK) is planning to retain its current production output during the next decade and therefore make some 12,000,000,000 kg of metal goods at its primary production site in Magnitogorsk. To ensure maximum output, MMK will focus on efficiency, the company’s Business Development & Management Director Maxim Lapin said at an Adam Smith Conferences media event dedicated to the CIS and Russia’s metallurgical and mining industry.

‘MMK strategy for the following decade is making sure its head plant in Magnitogorsk remains efficient, which means minimum costs and good quality,’ Lapin stressed.

The executive feels that, on the whole, the Russian metal goods market will be affected by the changes in the overall economic situation in the country. The slow GDP growth will result in dropping demand from the construction sector, the pipe-manufacturing industry, and the carmakers in the next three years. The demand is likely to recover somewhat after that. These industries are still MMK’s key customers, with significantly more goods produced for them last year at the cold-roll Mill 5000 and Mill 2000; besides, MMK also has good order options for 2015, Lapin said.

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