Ural Chamber of Real Estate: demand goes down on Yekaterinburg rental market

20 February 2015 (09:20)

February 20, 2015. Yekaterinburg rental market hasn’t had any shortage of supply for a while now, Guram Tukhashvili of Ural Chamber of Real Estate’s Analytic Center told UrBC.

‘According to the Chamber’s database, the rental prices have been going down lately. As early as two years ago, the median monthly rent came to 33,000 RUR and now it only stands at about 22,000 RUR. Quite a few new apartment buildings are put up in Yekaterinburg every year, so the supply is increasingly on the rise,’ Tukhashvili says.

He believes the demand is gradually going down since some families who used to have to rent decided to buy their own places.

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