ChTZ to supply swamp bulldozer to Ukraine

23 January 2015 (13:15)

January 23, 2015. ChTZ Uraltrac (a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Corporation) is going to ship one of its B11 swamp bulldozers to Ukraine.

According to the corporation’s press service, the vehicle was bought by Assol, one of the plant’s dealers in Zaporozhye. The new bulldozer make with hydro-mechanical transmission, Yaroslavl Motor Plant-made engine, and plastic coating, will be used in the energy sector.

‘Despite the current trying circumstances, we keep on cooperating with our Ukrainian partners,’ says Director for International & CIS Sales Alexander Sergeyev.

‘We are still working together to promote our produce in this neighboring country and to maintain the existing fleet of our vehicles there. We carried on supplying spare parts to our Ukrainian customers, and now we are about to ship a ready-made bulldozer there. We hope the customers’ situation will soon get better and our shipments there can be increased.’

Assol was the first Ukraine-based company to assemble bulldozers from sets supplied by ChTZ. The process came to a halt last year due to dropping demand. However, the dealer is planning to resume the assembly as soon as this January; one or two tractor sets will be purchased from the manufacturer for a start.

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