VSMPO Avisma to lay off over 100 workers

January 21, 2015. VSMPO Avisma is planning to let go over a hundred workers soon, Sverdlovsk Region’s Senior Public Prosecutor for Surveillance over Compliance with the Federal Laws and Civil Rights & Liberties Svetlana Sukhikh announced at a press conference.

‘We identified 513 instances in which the federal employment laws were violated last year. As a result, 181 officials had to face administrative liability. Our department also coordinated inspections of several large Sverdlovsk Region-based enterprises last year. For one, VSMPO Avisma, which is planning to make a hundred out of its 14,000 workers redundant, was subject to checks,’ Sukhikh said.

According to the prosecutor, the company was found to comply with the federal employment laws.

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