Sverdlovsk Region businesses invest 380m RUR in fixed assets

December 23, 2014. Around 380m RUR were invested in Sverdlovsk Region-based businesses’ fixed assets in 2014, which amounts to 22.7% of the area’s GDP for this year, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region’s Information Policies Department reports.

115,000 new jobs were created in the area (29.5% more than the target figure) in accordance with the Russian President’s decree, local statistical bodies report.

Sverdlovsk Region Vice Premier and Minister for Investment & Development Alexei Orlov announced at a government meeting chaired by Governor Evgeniy Kuivashev that investments reached 217.8bn RUR in the nine months of 2014, which was 14.2% more than in the three quarters of 2013 in comparable prices.

‘In the economically challenging year 2015, we must make thought-through and well-grounded decisions and direct our investment efforts (including those involving budget funds) cleverly so as to point to investors whether one should or shouldn’t invest in fixed assets based in Sverdlovsk Region. We believe investments should definitely be made: they will keep bringing a return for decades,’ Orlov said.

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