Yekaterinburg banks face foreign cash shortage

22 December 2014 (13:08)

December 22, 2014. Yekaterinburg banks don’t seem to have enough foreign currency in cash: not every bank is able to sell a customer $1,000 or €1,000.

Uralprivatbank reports it has no more dollars in its Pervomayskaya St branch. The one in Wilhelm de Genin St is out of euros.

Promsvyazbank’s outlet in Nikolay Nikonov St says they are out of dollars and can only sell euros.

Binbank’s branch in Sverdlov St claims they have no foreign currency in cash, while its branch in Bankovsky Lane is out of dollars but can still sell euros.

MDM Bank’s branch in Lenin Ave says they have no cash whatsoever and will only be able to sell some next week. Some of the bank’s other branches are still selling foreign cash.

Uraltransbank reports they can only sell around $1,000 and €1,000 (presumably, per customer) at their branch in Melkovsky St; the other branches may not have enough cash.

According to Bankinformservice, Yekaterinburg banks sell the US dollar at 68.17 RUR and buy it at 56.75 RUR on average. The selling price for the euro is 82.76 RUR, the buying price is 70.67 RUR. The official dollar and euro exchange rates for the weekend were declared at 60.68 RUR and 74.57 RUR. This means Yekaterinburg banks are selling foreign currency at prices that are, on average, 8 RUR higher.

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