Uralvagonzavod Corporation sets up business development site at Volchansky

November 13, 2014. A business development site was set up at Uralvagonzavod Corporation’s Volchansky subsidiary; the task of this site is to look for popular products that will then be produced by the company with help from all the staff members, the corporation’s press service reports.

This kind of scouting will both result in more profit and become an important stage in the company development.

Presentations on how new, competitive products could be developed are made there every day. These presentations can be attended by an employee from any of the subsidiary’s departments. Scores of proposals have been considered already.

One such proposal (already approved of by the project committee) has to do with making slow-combustion boilers. The ideas on making foam concrete blocks, experimental furniture, and decorative ironwork were also found fruitful. The latter proposal has actually been half-implemented already.

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