URBD makes coupon payments on BO 05 bonds

October 21, 2014. The Ural Bank for Reconstruction & Development is complying with its obligations to bondholders in accordance with all the statutory documentation, the bank’s press service reports.

The bank proceeded with the third coupon payments on its BO 05 bonds: investors were paid a total of 117.18m RUR (58.59 RUR per share).

There 2m BO 05 bonds (total face value 2bn RUR) currently in circulation.

The third and fourth coupon rate was set at 11.75% a year (58.59 RUR per 1,000-ruble bond); the next coupon payment on BO 05 bonds is scheduled for April, upon which a buy-out offer will be made to the bondholders. There are three UBRD bond issues in circulation at the moment: BO 01, BO 05, and BO 08; their consolidated face value comes to 7bn RUR.

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