Yekaterinburg gets excited over Starbucks’ arrival

September 29, 2014. The opening of the famous coffee chain Starbucks’ first branch in Greenwich Shopping Mall caused a lot of craze and excitement in Yekaterinburg. There was a tremendous line next to the outlet that actually reached all the way out to the shopping mall entrance.

As a matter of fact, the official opening ceremony will only take place tomorrow. This weekend, Starbucks came up with a special offer of treating its first thousand customers to a free cup of coffee. To get your coffee FOC, you need to enter the Yekaterinburg outlet’s website and provide an email address that a QR-coded invitation could be sent to. The invitation is to be produced at the cash register. So far, over 9,000 people have registered via the website.

‘Be Starbucks’ first guest in Yekaterinburg! We are offering a free drink of your choice, made by our baristas with love (drink size: Tall), to the first thousand customers a day before the official opening date! Just let us know what your name is and where to send the invitation,’ the website says.

The complimentary coffee is offered at Greenwich Mall until 8PM today.

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