Yekaterinburg car market sags the most among Russia’s largest cities

September 19, 2014. Car sales have been dropping much more drastically in big Russian cities (population over 1m) than in Saint Petersburg, which is actually the slowest-declining market, or in Moscow, which comes second in the race, reports.

Not in one Russian city with the population of over 1m people did the new car sales go up in the six months of 2014. In January-June 2014, Saint Petersburg was No.1 in terms of car market growth compared with other large Russian cities. 66,300 passenger vehicles were sold there in the given period, which was only 0.2% less than in the six months of 2013. Such were the findings of a research conducted by Avtostat.

As far as major cities go, Yekaterinburg car market was hit the hardest: sales sagged by over 20% in January and June, thus giving Yekaterinburg the tenth position in the rating of the top ten car-selling cities.

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