Football street art gallery opens in Yekaterinburg

July 21, 2014. A football street art gallery opened in Yekaterinburg during the Stenograffia Festival that is currently held there, the city council's press service says.

'As soon as today, residents and guests of the Urals can take a look at these out-of-the-ordinary street art dedicated to football themes. Instead of canvases, objects like supporting walls, construction fences, and facades of buildings were used. The right to create these football-themed objects of art was granted to artists from Moscow, Samara, and Asbest. Sketches were selected from sixty applications submitted to a board of competent experts. For one, Moscow graffiti artists chose a transformer vault at 84 Malyshev St and painted a football stadium with arriving fans there. Another project depicts the legendary Argentinian football player Diego Maradona. Experts are currently deciding on a suitable surface for the street masterpiece,' the press service explains.

This Stenograffia Festival is supported by Yekaterinburg Council and is held for the 5th time this year. The event aims to promote the development of street art and to improve the way the Urals' capital looks. Moreover, the festival is a platform for young artists' growth and for demonstrating the talents of street art geniuses.

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