Iran might open Consulate-General in Sverdlovsk Region

26 May 2014 (10:05)

May 26, 2014. Sverdlovsk Region and the Islamic Republic of Iran are going to build up on their trade and economic ties, incuding in the form of interregional cooperation, Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeniy Kuivashev’s Information Policies Department reports after Kuivashev’s meeting with Iran’s Consul-General in Kazan Rasul Bagernejad Shayan.

The Governor commented on the significance and potential of establishing a stronger partnership with this country.

‘Unfortunately, the economic indicators of our cooperation are not so high at the moment: the mutual trade turnover is comparable with the general Russia-Iran trading trends, and this figure has been going down since 2012. With a full understanding of the importance of having reliable ties with the Republic of Iran, we decided to have Sverdlovsk Region delegation take part in an international innovation and technology exhibition in Tehran,’ Kuivashev said.

The Iranian diplomat said Kuivashev’s proposals sounded very appealing and expressed his interest in taking these talks further.

‘Given your territory’s great potential, we are willing to consider the possibility of setting up our Consulate-General in Sverdlovsk Region,’ Shayan said.

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