ChTZ-Uraltrac helps Byelorussia stop inflow of counterfeit goods

21 May 2014 (09:14)

May 21, 2014. The Economic Security Service of Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant (ChTZ-Uraltrac, a member enterprise of Uralvagonzavod Scientific & Production Corporation) and their Byelorussian partners managed to uncover and eliminate a channel for the inflow of counterfeit goods that were illegally manufactured by outsiders yet bore the company’s registered logo and trademark, the corporation’s press service says.

The files relating to the investigation conducted with support from Chelyabinsk plant’s experts were directed to Byelorussia’s Internal Affairs Ministry. As a result, the company’s Byelorussian partners annulled the contracts they had signed with the manufacturers of counterfeit goods. This means the Customs Union market is now protected against low-quality imitations and the consumers’ rights are protected as well.

This is not the only time when experts managed to put an end to illegal use of ChTZ brand. The enterprise’s Economic Security Department employees directed to the law-enforcement authorities a dossier relating to OOO TyazhMashCenter delivering low quality spare parts with forged certificates to Ukraine-based Inguletsky Ore Mining & Processing Enterprise. Criminal proceedings were instituted upon the reception of the documents. The police were also sent the materials relating to OOO Itera delivering a counterfeit B10M 0111-EN bulldozer bearing the company trademark to Kokshetau Zhylu.

Another criminal lawsuit involves OOO Energomash, which used ChTZ trademark for its bulldozers. ChTZ-Uraltrac’s experts examined the technical condition of three bulldozers that had been confiscated in the course of the inquest, as well as the frames of bogeys, to confirm the fact that the plant’s patent rights had been infringed upon. The case also comprises files on six bulldozers bearing ChTZ-Uraltrac logo and trademark that had also been found on Energomash premises.

Experts also did their best to look into an application submitted by Saint Petersburg-based RosStroyLeasing, which claimed counterfeit bulldozers had been shipped to them by Energomash; it was claimed the bulldozers were ChTZ new makes. It was detected that Energomash had shipped at least 30 counterfeit bulldozers worth over 150m RUR to two enterprises in Saint Petersburg using ad hoc straw man agents. This was a valid reason to press charges.

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