MegaFon completes integrating with Yota and Scartel

MegaFon completed all the key processes relating to the company’s integration with Scartel and Yota (the telecommunications provider bought 100% of the latter’s shares in October 2013), the company’s press service reports.

It took the parties seven months to get all their assets integrated; the process went through the following stages: first, Scartel and Yota were united into a single legal entity called OOO Scartel which operated under the brand ofYota. Then, all of Scartel’s telecommunications equipment was handed over to MegaFon under a purchase and sale agreement. Upon this, all the key network support and maintenance processes were taken over by MegaFon. Finally, MegaFon and Scartel signed a rental contract relating to the telecommunication network assets.

The integration process was supervised by MegaFon Director for Legal Issues & GR Anna Serebryanikova. Starting from December 2013, Oleg Knyazev, who was appointed Scartel Director-General, dealt successfully in the merging of the assets. Upon the completion of this integration stage, Anatoly Smorgonsky will be appointed Scartel Director-General on April 28, 2014. Oleg Knyazev is going to stay with MegaFon and work on his career through other projects.

‘We united the two operators’ networks for the sake of our customers. MegaFon subscribers can now have access to better quality, high speed 4G mobile Internet connection, while Scartel will be able to develop new services thanks to the two networks’ powerful infrastructure. I would like to thank all the workers who have been contributing to this project for their intensive and efficient performance that ensured the timely and successful integration of Scartel and Yota,’ Anna Serebryanikova says.

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