Rostech State Corporation and Sverdlovsk Region Government sign cooperation agreement

April 19, 2014. On April 17, the Director-General of Rostech Corporation Sergey Chemezov and Governor of Sverdlovsk Region Evgeniy Kuivashev signed a cooperation agreement that will promote the development and multi-faceted implementation of the scientific, technological, and production potential of all of Rostech member enterprises located in Sverdlovsk Region, the state corporation’s press service reports.

For one, the two parties are planning to work together on the creation of up-to-date science parks and technological parks, on the design, development, and sales of hi tech industrial produce, andon the exploration of promising research fields and technologies.

‘Sverdlovsk Region is the corporation’s key territory: Rostech operates a lot of enterprises here that make hi tech products. We have always worked in close cooperation with the local government. The agreement will take our collaboration to a new height, we will work together on the measures that will promote innovation and support public-private partnerships, we will also coordinate the search for strategic investors in the field of high technologies. All these efforts will enhance the competitiveness of the corporation member enterprises,’ Chemezov stressed.

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