Ural Airlines offer customers good prices on trips to China

February 24, 2014. Ural Airlines are now offering their customers good prices on trips to China. Starting from February 19, 2014, a one-way ticket from Yekaterinburg or Chelyabinsk to Beijing will be available for just ˆ254 (including all the fees and charges), the company’s press service says.

A round trip ticket from Yekaterinburg to Beijing will cost ˆ568 (including all the fees and charges), a ticket for Chelyabinsk-Beijing flight will be available for ˆ559 (including all the fees and charges). Additionally, appealing prices are offered on Yekaterinburg-Harbin flights: a one-way ticket comes at ˆ300 (including all the fees and charges) through May 10, 2014.

‘China is a country that entices travelers with its age-old antiquities, oriental cuisine, folk medicine, and the beaches of the Yellow Sea. A ropeway to Hong Kong offers one a bird’s eye view of the city from the top of Victoria; once you paid a visit to the local museums, aquariums, and souvenir shops, had some rest at the heavenly Gardens of Suzhou, went to the spectacular festivals, and took part in the dragon boat races, you can head off for the best beach resorts to do some surfing and diving. And then there are the Chinese delicacies awaiting you: noodles, rice, and the famous Peking duck,’ the company’s press service says.

You can fly to the Celestial Empire in the spring break via Ural Airlines’ comfortable Airbus liners that have the economy and the business class sections. For more details on prices, please visit the company website www.uralairlines.ru.

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