ChTZ management congratulates plant's legendary worker on his 90th birthday

January 24, 2014. Chelyabinsk Tractor Plant Deputy Director-General for Human Resources Oleg Kosykh and Chairman of the plant's Long-Service Employee Council Nikolai Lozhchenko congratulated the plant's legendary turner Vassily Gusev on his 90th birthday. The man of the day was glad to receive his gift – a recently published Book on ChTZ People, with one of the chapters dedicated to his renowned self,' the company's press service reports.

'The exhibition dedicated to Vassily V. Gusev was opened in the plant museum recently and proved popular with our visitors. The exhibition is symbolic in certain respects: the life of such a person reflects the history of the whole big country and tells the story of the legendary plant, too,' the message says.

In the war years, the young turner headed one of the most famous front-line crews at the time; his team won in the People's Commissariat for Tank Industry Young Worker Teams Contest. Gusev and his fellow co-workers had some ideas on how to improve the production process: the preliminary treatment of tank components was carried out by less qualified workers, and the final treatment was carried out by the foremen and skilled workers, which boosted production quite a bit.

'In 1944, Vassily Gusev's team was given the All-Union Leninist Young Communist League Central Committee Red Challenge Banner, and the team got to keep this banner until the very Victory Day. The team was also awarded the Order of Lenin for its impressive production achievements. Even before all this, the young turner actually became the hero of a song: composer Nikita Bogoslovsky and poet Boris Laskin created a piece called Vasil Vasilyevitch that was supposed to encourage the thousands of homefront workers to do their best. Both Moscow and local radio stations often played this song, which was added to ChTPZ library of records and was re-recorded a lot of times – in a digital format the last several times. Newspapers loved writing about Gusev, and he even had a sculpture made of him. A sculptor from Moscow called Malyshev created this sculpture of the outstanding worker to have his bust installed at the All-Union Exhibition,' the message says.

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