UMMC opponents in Voronezh Region to remain in detention until April 22, 2014

January 22, 2014. Moscow's Tverskoy Court ruled that eco-activists Igor Zhitenev and Mikhail Bezmensky should remain in the detention unit until April 22, 2014, a website called Protecting Khoper says.

Igor Zhitenev and Mikhail Bezmensky are accused of extorting money from UMMC representatives (Article 163 of the Russian Federation Criminal Code). The claim was laid against the activists by UMMC Counselor to Director-General Petr Yamov.

'Mikhail Bezmensky and Igor Zhitenev, who were detained on November 26, are charged with setting up an organized crime group that allegedly engaged in unlawful activity aimed at preventing nickel production in Prikhoperye, aiming to make UMMC pay for this activity to stop,' the eco-activists explain.

Now Igor Zhitenev and Mikhail Bezmensky were detained on November 28, 2013. Prior to the detention, the two men's homes were searched through by the law-enforcement officers.

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