Yekaterinburg cafes and restaurants make nearly 24bn RUR in profit in 2013

2 December 2013 (09:51)

December 2, 2013. Yekaterinburg catering market turnover came to 23.7bn RUR in the three quarters of 2013, Yekaterinburg Administration’s press service reports.

The city’s commodities market committee says that the locals’ appetite and pickiness have grown bigger this year compared with last year, so the cafes and restaurants’ turnover increased by 8.6% in comparable prices (with inflation accounted for).

58 new cafes and restaurants fit for a total of 3,870 people were commissioned in Yekaterinburg in January-September 2013 within the framework of a strategic project called Cuisine for Every Taste. 120 more places fit for a total of 5,430 people were reopened after reconstruction and overhaul.

‘The newly opened catering facilities are fitted with modern technological equipment and automated control systems and offer a variety of additional services into the bargain,’ the committee points out.

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