MegaFonís consolidated profit rises 8.3% since start of the year

November 15, 2013. MegaFonís consolidated profit rose by 8.3% in the first nine months of 2013 compared with a year earlier and amounted to 217.4bn RUR, the telecommunications providerís financial report says.

OIBDA went up by 19.1% since the beginning of the year as well and reached over 102bn RUR; the OIBDA profitability increased by 46.9% against 42.7% in 2012. MegaFonís net profit rose by 60.8% compared with a year earlier and came to 41.5bn RUR. CAPEX was 23.2bn RUR. The companyís free cash flow was 90bn RUR as of September 30, 2013.

In Q3í13, MegaFonís consolidated profit was 9% more than a year earlier and amounted to 77.5bn RUR, OIBDA went up by 10.5% against Q3í12 and amounted to 35.3bn RUR. MegaFonís OIBDA profitability increased by 45.6% against 45% in 2012. The companyís net profit rose by 2.9% on the previous yearís third quarter and came to 15,321bn RUR, CAPEX came to 10.862bn RUR. The free cash flow was 28bn RUR, plus 13.9% on a year earlier. The number of the carrierís active subscribers reached 68.3m on September 30, 2013, which was 5.4% more than a year earlier.

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