China’s Consul in Yekaterinburg: China, Sverdlovsk Region are cooperating actively in tourism, trade, and construction

October 21, 2013. The Chinese business community is quite familiar with Sverdlovsk Region and Yekaterinburg. For one, the constituency cooperates with Guangzhou, Guzhen, and Liaoning, Consul for Education Issues and attaché of the People’s Republic of China in Yekaterinburg Li Bin told reporters during a press breakfast.

‘Yekaterinburg is known in China as the sister city of Guangzhou, this is why the Province of Guangzhou pays special attention to its economic ties with Yekaterinburg. Guzhen and Liaoning also have very strong ties with the Mid-Urals. This is particularly true of the tourist, trade, and construction industries,’ the Consul explained.

‘Yekaterinburg offers a lot to see, there’s some beautiful scenery as well as architectural pieces here. I felt at home here in this respect, since Yekaterinburg looks very much like my native town of Harbin,’ said Director of Harbin University of Commerce Tourism & Culinary Art Institute.

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