Yekaterinburg might host Europe Foundry Forum

7 October 2013 (09:28)

October 7, 2013. Following the International Foundry Forum that took place in Yekaterinburg in September, the international experts in the steel industry decided to suggest that the Mid-Urals’ capital should host the Europe Foundry Forum as well, Sverdlovsk Region Government’s Press Service & Information Department reports.

‘The proposal was talked over with President of the European Association of Machinery Manufacturers for Casting Gabriele Galante, and we received a preliminary consent,’ Vice Premier of Sverdlovsk Region Government Alexander Petrov told reporters.

According to Petrov, the global community must see that Russia’s foundry business starts in Yekaterinburg and Sverdlovsk Region, where a third of all the Russian foundry enterprises are located.

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